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PRIZM "Lifestyle" Segments


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The Claritas, formerly Nielsen, Lifestyle segments from PRIZM analyze consumers by lifestyle interests as well as demographics. These segments were created to help marketers reach more targeted audiences based on demographics, lifestyle choices, household composition, and urbanicity. We have multiple databases that allow you search using these segments, and you can find your best segment for free using the Claritas Segment Details website linked below.

Databases with Claritas PRIZM Segment Searches:

Audience Metrics from Websites and Consumer Magazines

Consumer magazines and websites are published to to provide content to consumers who have a particular interest, such as a love of surfing. These publications keep track of the demographics of their readership so that they can sell advertisements, and these numbers can be seen in the publications "media kit" or their audience metrics if it is a website. These numbers can also be used by marketers to understand the demographic and geographic characteristics of their target audience.

Step 1: Try a Keyword search using the search bar to see if any websites or magazines match your search term.

screen shot of the SRDS home page

Step 2: Select the desired media type from the options on the left or scroll through the entire results list.

Results list for the keyword surf in SRDS

Step 3: Select the publication and look at the "Media Kit" by following the link in the general information portion of the record, or look at the Audience Metrics if it is a website. (The Audience Metrics are provided by comScore)

SRDS record for

U.S. Government Information on Time Use