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Integrating Library Resources in Canvas

First Check User Access!

  • Many of our ebooks have a limited number of simultaneous users.
  • Sometimes just a single user can log in (using their RedID) at one time.
  • Keep this in mind when planning readings and assignments involving ebooks.
  • Contact the library if your students will need access at the same time. In some cases, we may be able to increase access to a title.

Link to eBooks

  1.  Click on Books tab above the search box on the library website
  2. Type in the book
  3. Check the box labeled eBooks only 
  4. If we have the eBook, click on the book title you want
  5. click on the Permalink option on the navigation bar above the title and copy and paste the link



Adding an Ebook or Article link to a Canvas Course

Add the link to your Canvas course. 

Use the permalink to add the URL to the appropriate section of your Canvas site.

Module Level""
  1. From an existing module, click the icon
  2. Change dropdown to External URL
  3. Paste in the permalink of the article in the URL box 
  4. Name the page 
  5. Select Load in New Tab
  6. Click Add Item
Page Level
  1. From an existing module, click the + icon
  2. Add Content Page
  3. Select [New Page] and fill out the "Page Name"
  4. Click Add Item
  5. Once the page is set up, click on the page, then click on Edit
  6. Paste in the title of the article, click the Link to URL icon, paste in the permalink, then click Update Link
  7. Click Save
Test your link.

Open your Canvas page in a new browser or different computer, and click your new link. If it gets you to the same place--great!  If not, look around for the permalink.

To add instructions to your course that will walk students through accessing the ebooks, head to Canvas Commons and search for SDSU Library. Look for the Accessing SDSU Library Ebooks Linked in a Class or the Accessing Library Articles in a Canvas Course module and upload it to your course. This will upload the instructions provided below.

Accessing a Library Ebook Linked in Your Canvas Class


  1. Select the module and click on the link for the book
  2. The book result will come up, click on the link, or one of the links listed after Full text available at: 
  3. You may be asked to log into your SDSU account.  Use your SDSU email address and password
  4.  If you do not see the text immediately, look for a link labeled Read online, Download, or PDF

Are you or your student unsure how to get to the links to resources from the library? Include the above instructions and animate gif into your class. Look for the Accessing SDSU Library Ebooks Linked in a Class module from Canvas Commons and add it to your class.