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What is on this page

This page includes links to search tools to help you locate public records and tutorials to learn about the structure and use of different types of public records.

Coming soon: Tools for additional types of public records will be added- professional licenses, business licenses, data portals, crime, courts.

San Diego public records

This is a select list of public record sites and tools for San Diego County.  For a more comprehensive search, use the tools listed in the Multi-type box.

Key sources for locating public records

Real estate



Legal disclaimer

This page provides links to useful information, not authoritative legal advice. The author of this guide is not responsible for the content of the sites linked to from the guide and does not guarantee the accuracy of the content of the sites or of the guide itself. The inclusion of a link to a site should not be construed as an endorsement of the site, its sponsoring organization, or any views expressed in the site.

State Public Information resources