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Witchcraft Studies

Science Fiction, Fantasy and Children's Literature


Representations of the occult and witches are extremely prevalent in popular culture. The genre is well-represented in our children’s literature, science fiction and comics collections in Special Collections. We also have a large and diverse collection of pulp fiction in which sorcery and witchcraft are prominently featured. Below is but a very small sampling of our holdings.


PS3558.E63 D8 1965b  Herbert, Frank. Dune. Book Club ed. Philadelphia: Chilton Book, 1965. Print.

Bene Gesserit - sisterhood with years of training; have superhuman powers, secretive.


Discworld series by Terry Pratchett

Anne Rice's Mayfair Witches series

PS3523.E55 W7 1970  L'Engle, Madeleine. A Wrinkle in Time. 1970.  

Patricia C. Wrede’s Enchanted Forest Chronicles

PS3569.C5175 W5 Schmitz, James H. The Witches of Karres. New York: Ace, 1966.  

Andre Norton's Witch World series

PS3556.E466 W37 1982 Felice, Cynthia., and Connie. Willis. Water Witch: A Novel. New York, N.Y.: Ace, 1982. Print. Ace Science Fiction.

PS648.S9 C6 Coven 13 / Witchcraft & Sorcery (periodical)

1969-1974 periodical imitating Weird Tales

PS3537.M835 P3 1963  Smith, Thorne. The Passionate Witch. New York: Pocket, 1963.

PS3545.A6296 W5 Walton, Evangeline, and Ronald Clyne. Witch House. Sauk City, Wis.: Arkham House, 1945.

PS2142 .W5 1914  Johnston, Mary, and N. C. Wyeth. The Witch. 1914.

Novelist, suffragist; wrote historical fiction; 1600s England accused of witchcraft, male doctor accused of sorcery

PS3552.A73175 W58 1986  Barr, Donna. Witchhunt. Seattle, Wash.: Falkenart, 1986.

PZ8.B327 Wo2 1900  Baum, L. Frank, and W. W. Denslow. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Chicago ; New York: G.M. Hill, 1900.

PR6023.E926 C48  Lewis, C. S., and Kathryn Ann. Lindskoog. The Chronicles of Narnia. New York: Religious Book Club, 1973.

Harry Potter series

PZ34 .W464  Wiedemann, Franz, and Jacob Grimm. Hans Und Grethel: Märchen Nach Grimm. Dresden: C.C. Meinhold, 1860. Print. Deutsche Märchen ; 5.

PZ34 .W463 Wiedemann, Franz, and Jacob Grimm. Frau Holle: Märchen Nach Grimm. Dresden: C.C. Meinhold, 1860. Print. Deutsche Märchen ; 9.