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Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering

A guide to finding resources in the field of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering.

Product & Manfactures

Find Manufactures

Local Suppliers

  • Home Depot - Warehouse Store
  • Lowe's - Warehouse Store
  • Industrial Metal Supply - Metal Supplier
  • Marshal's Industrial Hardware - specializing in all facets of hardware needs including nuts, washers, hex bolts, socket head screws and more
  • Th&h Hardwoods - specialty hardwoods, softwoods, power tools, bits, hardware, finishes, and hinges
  • ePlastics - distributor of plastic sheet, rod, tube & film
  • Blick - Art & Craft store. Stop by the location on campus located on the north side of campus, next to the University Art Gallery in Art Building South, Room #477 or purchase online
  • Michael's - Art & Craft store
  • JoAnn Fabric & Craft - Fabric & other crafts

Electronics Suppliers

  • Adafruit - an open-source hardware company. The company designs, manufactures, and sells a number of electronics products, electronics components, tools and accessories
  • Sparkfun - an electronics retailer that manufactures and sells microcontroller, development boards, and breakout boards
  • Digi-Key - electronic component distributor
  • Mouser Electronics - online distributor of electronic components 
  • Fry's Electronics

National Suppliers