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Research Data Services @SDSU

Tools and services to help you manage your research data

Astronomy & Physics


HEP Data - high-energy physics reaction database of Numerical HEP scattering cross sections

NIST Physical Standards Laboratory - physical reference data and property tables

National Nuclear Data Center - includes nuclear structure, reaction and decay databases



HEASARC - NASA's High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Research Center

Infrared Science Archive - NASA's science and data center for infrared astronomy

Extragalactic Database - NASA's archive of data for over 3 million extragalactic objects

Virtual Astronomical Observatory - Astronomical data from ground and space-based telescopes. Includes data analysis tools

National Space Science Data Center - Archive for NASA space mission data

Sloan Digital Sky Survey - Download optical images of the sky. See also, SkyServer for educational portal to the data.



Engineering Strong Motion Data Center (CESMD)

Space Science and Engineering Data Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

The University of Florida Sparse Matrix Collection

Clean Energy Project Database "The Clean Energy Project Database (CEPDB) is a massive reference database for organic semiconductors with a particular emphasis on photovoltaic applications." (taken from

The Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis "CAIDA" curates datasets resulting from both active and passive measurement of the Internet." (From their website)

DOE datacenters OSTI is the DOE official data-center for storing DOE funded research.

Nanomaterial Registry

MatDB - A European Union based materials database.

Computer Science

  • CodePlex Microsoft's free open source project hosting site. See information on starting a project.
  • GitHub A distributed version control system for the collaborative development of software. Public repositories are free and unlimited. Various pricing plans are available for private repositories.
  • Google Code Project hosting A free collaborative development environment for open source projects. Each project comes with its own member controls, Subversion/Mercurial/Git repository, issue tracker, wiki pages, and downloads section. See information on using this service
  • Launchpad An open source suite of tools that help people and teams to work together on software projects. See information on hosting your project's code
  • SourceForge A resource for open source software development and distribution. See information on publishing your code