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City Travel Briefings from Passport (U.S. and Foreign)

Example City Travel Briefings from Passport: City Travel Briefing: Los AngelesCity Travel Briefing: Las Vegas, and City Travel Briefing: Miami

The screenshot below shows how to view the statistics and download the briefings. 

City briefing for Las Vegas from Passport

Finding U.S. Expenditure Data and More with SimplyAnalytics

Step 1: Create an account if you want your work to be saved or sign in as a guest.


Step 2: After watching the tutorials and following the "Next" prompts in the center box, use the search bar to choose a location for your project (i.e. San Diego, CA (City) and press next.


Step 3: Press create project, and you be able to create maps, comparison tables, and rankings by toggling between the options on the right. In order to change the data variable in your map or ranking, you can use the data search option on the left hand side. You would also use these options to add or subtract data variables from a comparison table.


Pro Tips:

1. Browsing the Data by "Dataset" opposed to "Category" can be easier.

2. Naming the Project will be useful if you plan on conducting multiple searches in SimplyAnalytics or plan on using this resource for multiple assignments

3. The "Help Center" in the Support tab on the top right will help you learn how to refine your searches.