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Hospitality, Tourism, & Recreation

Search Tricks and Tips for Library Databases

Using Boolean Logic (AND, OR, or NOT) can help you expand and limit your search results.

  • AND: tourism AND sustainability

This will only produce results that contain both of these words. A simple search for tourism sustainability would produce results that contain either tourism or sustainability opposed to only results that contain both words.

  • OR: hotel OR motel OR inn OR lodging

This will produce results for all of these terms which may be useful when you trying to find articles on the lodging industry.

  • NOT:  arena NOT hockey 

This will produce results for business articles or reports that discuss arenas and do not contain any mention of hockey. This could help you weed out unwanted results if you were looking for articles on arenas that don't have hockey teams.


Other search limiters (an asterisk, quotations, and parentheses), and how they can help you refine or expand your searches:

  • Asterisk * also referred to as truncation: Using an asterisk (*) produces all iterations of a word.

Example: advertis*

This will produce results for advertising, advertisements, advertisement, and advertisers.

  • Quotations ””: Using quotations will ensure that the words in the quotation marks come in that exact order in the results.

Example: “college athletics”

  • Parentheses (): Using parentheses allows you to use a combination of multiple Boolean operators and search limiters at once by making sure that what is inside the parentheses is one search criteria.

Example: Marriott AND (“brand share” OR “market share”)

This will produce results that contain the word Marriott and the exact phrase “market share” or results that contain the word Marriott and the exact phrase “brand share”