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How-To Research Tutorials

Found an article that is not available through the library? You can request that article through interlibrary loan.   

 To do that head to the SD ""            SU Library website ( and: 

  1. Click on the login icon on the top right of the website that looks like an outline of a person
  2. Look for the Interlibrary Loan heading and select the ILLiad Login button 
  3. Enter your SDSU email address and password 
  4. Click on the Logon to ILLiad button
  5. Look for the New Request heading at the top and select the type of material being requested. (Article, book, book chapter, ect..)
  6. Fill out the required fields of the form and as much information as you have and submit your request

You will receive an email at your SDSU email address once the request is processed. Log back in to ILLiad to access your interlibrary loan.