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Using the One Search Citation Generator

Important Information about Citation Generators 

Citation generators are a fantastic tool that can save you time when you want to use an information source in your work. They can create a citation in a particular citation style using the metadata of a search result, but be warned these citations often have errors, particularly with spelling and punctuation.  It is a good idea to double-check these citations and fix any errors when you copy and paste them and before you submit your work. 

Generating Citations in OneSearch

Generating Citations in OneSearch

When you find a source that you want to cite:

  1. Click on the Citation (") icon for that result 
  2. Select your citation style
  3. Copy the citation that is generated by clicking on Copy the citation to clipboard button
  4. Paste the citation to your document
  5. Check the citation with your style guide and fix any errors.  Pay particular attention to capitalization and punctuation.