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Use this comprehensive list of tutorials and modules to learn how to be a better researcher

Searching for eBooks




To search for eBooks: 

  1. Type your search terms in the search box
  2. Select Search to run the search

When you get to the results, look for the Tweek my results filtering options on the left of the page

  1. Check the box marked Books under Resource Type
  2. Check the box marked Available Online  under Available at SDSU
  3. Click on the Apply Filters button at the bottom to update your results

Accessing eBooks & Tips

Accessing the book
  1. To access the book you want clink on either the title or the Online Access link. 
  2. Look for the link or links located under Full text available at:  
  3. Book result will come up in the database where its housed. each databases platform is a bit different.  You may need to look for and click on an option like PDF, or a link to a particular chapter, Read Online. or other options. 
Tips for selecting an eBook
  • Your search may return many results, but the results page only shows the first 10 results.  These are not organized by quality, but based on several factors such as where your search terms are found in the information that is stored about the eBook. Unless you search for a particular title, you will most likely look beyond that first set of 10 results.  Click on  LOAD MORE RESULTS  at the bottom of the page to load more results.  
  • Don't rely on the title alone.  There might be whole chapters that dedicated to your topic that you might miss. Check out the information n about the book in the results, the list of book chapters, or even the index to see where you topic is discussed.  

Accessing a Library Ebook Linked in Your Canvas Class


  1. Select the module and click on the link for the book
  2. The book result will come up, click on the link, or one of the links listed after Full text available at: 
  3. You may be asked to log into your SDSU account.  Use your SDSU email address and password
  4.  If you do not see the text immediately, look for a link labeled Read online, Download, or PDF