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Children's and Young Adult Literature

The Clara Breed Historical Children's Collection at San Diego State University. A bibliography of books in the collection.

by Linda Salem on 2018-11-09T15:12:00-08:00 | 0 Comments

     The Clara Breed Historical Children's Books Collection at San Diego State University Library is ready for researchers to consult. It comprises books collected by Clara Estelle Breed (1906-1994) as part of her personal collection and books she curated for the San Diego Public Library's Children's Historical Collection. These materials include books with special inscriptions and illustrations written to and drawn for Breed by prominent authors and illustrators of the period.


Breed, a heroine of the international children’s library movement, was a librarian who fought for a child's right to read, in particular, for the rights of Japanese-American children interned after World War II. 

Breed corresponded with Japanese-American children living in U.S. concentration camps after executive orders forced their families to relocate and be interned. She devoted herself to providing books for kids in camps and to corresponding with them. Her story is told in Dear Miss Breed....Letters from Camp, a book,  documentary, and permanent exhibit at the Japanese American National MuseumHer legacy is one of protecting civil rights of young readers. She served both as San Diego Public Library's children's library department head and also as the Director of the SDPL.

Breed's collection is accessible through San Diego State University Library's Special Collections and University Archives. Call 619-594-6791 for more information. Below is a list of the books in this collection.

The Clara Breed Historical Children's Collection at San Diego State University. A bibliography.

Title Author, CIP, Imprint SDSU Library Call #
The story of Ferdinand  by Munro Leaf ; illustrated by Robert Lawson. (New York : Viking Press Publishers 1937, ©1936.) Special Collections PZ7.L463 St 1937
Time of wonder  by Robert McCloskey. (New York : Viking Press, 1957)  Special Collections fo; PZ7.M1336 Ti 1957 
Raggedy Andy stories : introducing the little rag brother of Raggedy Ann  written and illustrated by Johnny Gruelle.  (Indianapolis : Bobbs-Merrill, 1960) SpecialCollections PZ7.G9324 Ragg 1960
All the Mowgli stories  Rudyard Kipling ; illustrated by Kurt Wiese.  (Garden City, NY : Doubleday & Company, 1936)  Special Collections PZ3.K629 All 1936 
The silver pencil  by Alice Dalgliesh ; decorations by Katherine Milhous.  (New York : C. Scribner's Sons, 1946)  Special Collections PZ7.D153 Si 1946 
Boomba lives in Africa, by Caroline Singer and Cyrus LeRoy Baldridge.   ([New York] Holiday House 1935.)  Special Collections PZ7.S616 Bo7 1935
Letture : classe prima  [compilato da Clementina Bagagli ; illustrato da Angelo Della Torre].  (Roma : Scuole italiane all'estero, 1933)  Special Collections  PC1115 .B34 1933
Musicians in rhyme for childhood's time, by Rebekah Crawford and Louise Morgan Sill. With illus. by Albert D. Blashfield.  ([New York] G Schirmer [©1890]) Special Collections ML3930.A2 C73 1890 
The Primrose ring  Ruth Sawyer ; illustrated by Fanny Munsell.  (New York : Grosset & Dunlap 1915.) Special Collections PZ3.S272 Pr2 1915
The story of Aaron (so named) : the son of Ben Ali ; told by his friends and acquaintances  by Joel Chandler Harris ; illustrated by Oliver Herford.   (Boston ; Houghton Mifflin and Co 1896)   Special Collections PZ3.H242 Sto 1896
Rascal : a memoir for a better era  by Sterling North ; illustrated by John Schoenherr.   ([Place of distribution not identified]  : [publisher not identified], 1963)  Special Collections PS3527.O585 Z474 1963
The Percy family : a visit to Ireland  by Daniel C. Eddy.  (Boston : Andrew F. Graves ; 1861)

 Special Collections 

D919 .E44 1861

The Percy Family : the Baltic to Vesuvius  by Daniel C. Eddy.   (Boston, Massachusetts : Andrew F. Graves ; 1860)

Special Collections

D919 .E33 1860 

Raggedy Ann's lucky pennies  written and illustrated by Johnny Gruelle.   (New York : MA Donohue 1932.) Special Collections PZ8.9.G935 Ragl 1932
Wooden Willie  written and illustrated by Johnny Gruelle.   (Chicago : MA Donohue 1927.) Special Collections PZ8.9.G935 W66 1927b 
Raggedy Ann's wishing pebble  written and illustrated by Johnny Gruelle. (Chicago : MA Donohue ©1925.) Special Collections PZ8.9.G935 Rw 1925 
Raggedy Ann stories  written & illustrated by Johnny Gruelle.   (New York : Johnny Gruelle Co., 1947) Special Collections PZ8.9.G935 Rag 1947 
Wooden Willie  written and illustrated by Johnny Gruelle.  (Indianapolis : Bobbs-Merrill 1954.) Special Collections PZ8.9.G935 W66 1954 
Raggedy Ann and the golden butterfly  by Johnny Gruelle.  (New York : Johnny Gruelle Company ©1940.)  Special Collections PZ8.9.G935 Ragg 1940 
Raggedy Ann and the wonderful witch  by Johnny Gruelle.  (Indianapolis : Bobbs-Merrill, 1961) Special Collections PZ8.9.G935 Ra99 1961 
Raggedy Ann in the deep deep woods  written and illustrated by Johnny Gruelle.   (New York : J Gruelle Co ©1930.) Special Collections PZ8.9.G935 Ragw 1930b 
Raggedy Ann stories  written & illustrated by Johnny Gruelle.  (Chicago : MA Donohue & Co ©1918.)  Special Collections PZ8.9.G935 Rag 1918 
Raggedy Ann in Cookie Land  by Johnny Gruelle.   (Indianapolis : Bobbs-Merrill 1960, ©1931.) Special Collections PZ8.9.G935 Rahe 1960 
Raggedy Annʹs fairy stories  by Johnny Gruelle ; illustrations by the author.   (Chicago : MA Donohue ©1928.) Special Collections PZ8.9.G935 Ragf 1928 
Raggedy Ann and Betsy Bonnet String  by Johnny Gruelle. (New York, N.Y. : Johnny Gruelle Company, 1943) Special Collections PZ8.9.G935 Ragb 1943 
Beloved Belindy  written and illustrated by Johnny Gruelle.   (New York, N.Y. : Johnny Gruelle Co ©1926.) Special Collections PZ8.9.G935 Be2 1926 
Raggedy Ann and Andy and the nice fat policeman  by Johnny Gruelle.  (New York : Johnny Gruelle Co ©1942.) Special Collections PZ8.9.G935 Ragp 1942 
Raggedy Ann and Andy and the camel with the wrinkled knees  written and illustrated by Johnny Gruelle.  (Indianapolis : Bobbs-Merrill 1960, ©1951.) Special Collections PZ8.9. G935 Rac 1960 
Marcella stories  written and illustrated by Johnny Gruelle.  (Chicago : MA Donohue & Co ©1929.) Special Collections PZ8.9.G935 Mar 1929 
Raggedy Andy stories : introducing the little rag brother of Raggedy Ann  written & illustrated by Johnny Gruelle.  (Chicago : MA Donohue ©1920.)  Special Collections PZ8.9.G935 Raf 1920 
Officer Bear of the Alder Bottom, and other stories about the Alder Bottom folks ... illustrations by George W. Penfield  by Frederick Hugo.  (Los Angeles, Calif. : Smith Publicity Co 1933.) Special Collections PZ10.3.H84 Off 1933 
Crèches et santons  Hein et Marie Apel.  (Annecy : Gardet éditeur, 1967)  Special Collections TT900.C4 A64 1967 
Złotopiórek  Helena Bechlerowa ; ilustrował, Marian Stachurski.  (Warszawa : Biuro Wydawnicze "Ruch", 1964)  Special Collections PZ69.B36 Zło 1964 
Photograph of Robert McCloskey. Visual material  still image; ([Place of publication not identified] : [publisher not identified], 1957)  Special Collections PS3563.C34164 .P46 
Surprise! Surprise! : a reproduction of an antique book of magical moving pictures  by Lothar Meggendorfer.  (New York, N.Y. : Viking Press 1982.)

Special Collections

PZ8 M49 Su 1982

Shirley Temple's Nursery tales; by Shirley Temple, illus. by J.P. Miller.  (New York, Random House [©1961])

Special Collections fo;

PZ5 .S525 Sh 1961 

The animals' trip to sea : being a true and veracious history of the eventful voyage of the S.S. "Crocodile" from nowhere in particular to anywhere in general  described by Clifton Bingham ; pictured by G.H. Thompson.   (London : Ernest Nister [1900]) Special Collections fo; PZ10.3.B53 Ani 1900 
Up the Tapajos, or, Adventures in Brazil  by Edward S. Ellis, author of The youths' history of the United States, Young pioneer series, Log cabin series, Deerfoot series, etc., etc.  (New York : Cassell & Company, Limited, 739 & 741 Broadway, 1886) Special Collections  PZ7.E47 Up 1886 
The angel children, or, Stories from cloud-land  by Charlotte M. Higgins.  (Boston : Lee and Shepard ©1854.) Special Collections PZ7.H53491 An 1854 
The Percy family : the Alps and the Rhine  by Daniel C. Eddy. (Boston : Graves and Young ; 1863)

Special Collections 

D919 .E4 1863 

Favorite poems : old and new  selected for boys and girls by Helen Ferris ; illustrated by Leonard Weisgard.  (Garden City, N.Y. : Doubleday & Co Inc ©1957.)  Special Collections PZ8.3.F375 Fav 1957 
The village of singing birds  by Melicent Humason Lee ; with pictures by Zhenya Gay.  (New York : Harper & Brothers, 1942) Special Collections PZ7.L5142 Vil 1942 
The little mermaid  Hans Christian Andersen ; with illustrations by Dorothy P. Lathrop.  New York : The Macmillan Co 1939.) Special Collections PZ8.A542 Lit 1939 
The Palomino boy  by Don & Betty Emblen; decorations by Lynd Ward.  (New York : Viking Press, 1948) Special Collections PZ7.E567 Pal 1948 
The house in Dormer Forest, with an introduction by Rev. H.R.L. Sheppard ...  (New York, EP Dutton & Co Inc [1929])  Special Collections PR6045.E2 H6 
Pet of the Met  by Lydia and Don Freeman.  (New York : Junior Literary Guild ©1953.) Special Collections PZ10.3.F875 Pe 1953 
Chuggy and the blue caboose  by Lydia and Don Freeman. (New York : Junior Literary Guild ©1951.) Special Collections PZ7.F8749 Ch 1951 
Precious bane  Mary Webb ; illustrated by Rowland Hilder ; introduction by the Rt. Hon. Stanley Baldwin.  (New York : E.P. Dutton and Company Inc., 1924) Special Collections PR6045.E2 P7 1924 
Old stories from Denmark. By K Elle Ebeltoft,  Illustrations by Axel Mathiesen.  (Ebeltoft, K Elle 1953.)

Special Collections

PZ51 .O43 1950z 

Farm on the hill  by Madeline Darrough Horn ; illustrated by Grant Wood. (New York : C. Scribner's Sons ; 1936) Special Collections PZ7.H782 Far 1936 
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn  by Samuel Clemens ; with sixteen full-page illustrations ; descriptive captions and introductory remarks by Stanley T. Williams.  (New York : Dodd Mead ©1979.)

Special Collections

PS1305 A1 1979 

Alice's adventures in Wonderland ; and, Through the looking-glass and what Alice found there  by Lewis Carroll ; with ninety-two illustrations by John Tenniel, including sixteen in colour. (London : Macmillan and Co 1911.)

Special Collections

PR4611 .A7 1911 

Books, children & men, by Paul Hazard ... translated by Marguerite Mitchell. (Boston, The Horn Book Inc 1944.)

Special Collections       

A1 H33 1944 

Drawn from memory  Ernest H. Shepard. (Harmondsworth, Eng. : Penguin 1975.)  Special Collections NC242.S47 A3 1975 
The chalk box story  Don Freeman. (Philadelphia : Lippincott ©1976.) Special Collections PZ7.F8747 Ch 1976 
Through the looking-glass, and what Alice found there  by LewisCarroll ; with 50 illustrations by John Tenniel.  (Mount Vernon [N.Y.] : Peter Pauper Press [194-?])

Special Collections

PR4611 .T47 1940z 

The flight to America  Christian Winther ; illustrations by Alfred Schmidt ; re-written from the Danish by Piet Hein.  ([København] : Gyldendal 1978.) Special Collections PZ54.3.W56 Fli 1978 
East o' the sun and west o' the moon : with other Norwegian folk tales  By Asbjørnsen, Peter Christen, retold by Gudrun Thorne-Thomsen ; illustrated by Frederick Richardson.  (Chicago : Row Peterson & Co [©1912])

Special Collections

A89 Et6 1912 

A birthday garland  [edited] by Elinor Parker ; illustrated by Primrose. ([New York] : Thomas Y. Crowell Company, 1949) Special Collections PN6084.B5 B57 1949 
Silver pennies : a collection of modern poems for boys and girls  by Blanche Jennings Thompson ; illustrated by Winifred Bromhall.  By Thompson, Blanche Jennings, (New York : Macmillan 1953, ©1925.) Special Collections PN6110.C4 T54 1953 
At the sign of the Golden compass : a tale of the printing house of Christopher Plantin in Antwerp, 1576  by Eric P. Kelly, together with illustrations by Raymond Lufkin.  (New York : Macmillan [1967, ©1938]) Special Collections PS3521.E41176 A8 1967 
The golden goose book : being the stories of The golden goose ; The three bears ; The 3 little pigs, Tom Thumb  With numerous drawings in colour and black and white by L. Leslie Brooke.  (New York : Frederick Warne date of publication not identified) Special Collections PZ8.B6816 Goo 
The adventures of Pinocchio  by C. Collodi ; illustrations in colors by Attilio Mussino ; translated from the Italian by Carol Della Chiesa. (New York : Macmillan 1929) Special Collections PZ8.L887 P19 1929 
Mother Goose  drawings by Ruth Ives. (New York : Holiday House ©1939.) Special Collections PZ8.3.M85 1939 
Mischief in Fez, illustrated by Fritz Eichenberg. (New York, Holiday House [1943]) Special Collections  PZ8.H67 Mis 1943 
Hodie, by Katharine and Bernard Garbutt. (New York, Aladdin Books [1949]) Special Collections PZ10.3.G164 Hod 1949 
Jeremy  by Hugh Walpole ; illustrated by Ernest H. Shepard.  (New York : GH Doran ©1919.) Special Collections PR6045.A34 J4 1919 
Johnny Crow's party; another picture book drawn by L. Leslie Brooke. (London, F Warne [1962]) Special Collections PZ8.3.B789 Jnn 1962 
A child's garden of verses  by Robert Louis Stevenson ; with pictures by Tasha Tudor. (New York : Oxford Univ 1947.) Special Collections PZ8.3.S848 Ch9 1947 
Hans Christian Andersen's first three tales : the tinder box, Little Claus and Big Claus, the Princess and the pea  with illustrations from many countries and an introd. by Erik Dal ; translated from the Danish by David Hohnen. (Copenhagen : Høst & Son 1960.) Special Collections PT8116.E5 H63 1960 
Raggedy Ann stories  written & illustrated by Johnny Gruelle. (Indianapolis ; Bobbs-Merrill 1961, ©1947.) Special Collections  PZ8.9. G935 Rag 1961 
Tales from Grimm; freely translated and illustrated by Wanda Gág. (New York, Coward-McCann Inc [©1936]) Special Collections PZ8.G882 Tal 1936 
Cinderella, or, The little glass slipper.By Perrault, Charles,  (London : Scolar Press 1977.) Special Collections PZ8.C488 Gr 1977 
A child's garden of verses  by Robert Louis Stevenson ; decorations by Eve Garnett. (Harmondsworth, Mddx. : Penguin Books 1952.)

Special Collections

PR5484 .C4 1952 

Radio plays for children  selected and arranged by Katherine Williams Watson.  (New York, HW Wilson Co 1947.)  Special Collections PN6120.R2 W3 1947 
A roundabout turn  by Robert H. Charles ; with drawings by L. Leslie Brooke.  By Charles, Robert H. (London : F Warne & Co ltd [1930]) Special Collections PZ10.3.C37 Rou 1930 
The Saturdays  written and illustrated by Elizabeth Enright. (New York ; Farrar & Rinehart [©1941]) Special Collections PZ7.E724 Sat 1941 
The door in the wall  by Marguerite De Angeli. (Garden City, NY : Doubleday c1949.)

Special Collections

PZ7.D35 Do 1949 

Tom Whipple, by Walter D. Edmonds, illustrated by Paul Lantz. (New York, Dodd Mead & Company 1942.) Special Collections PZ7.E247 Tom 1942 
Marcos, a mountain boy of Mexico, by Melicent Humason Lee; pictures by Berta and Elmer Hader ... (Chicago, A Whitman & Co 1937.) Special Collections PZ7.L5142 Mar 1937 
Hide and go seek  Dorothy P. Lathrop. (New York : Macmillan Co 1938) Special Collections PZ10.3.L38 Hi 1938 
Beady Bear : story and pictures  story and pictures by Don Freeman. (New York : Viking Press 1954) Special Collections PZ10.3.F874 Be 1954 
Poems  by Rachel Field ; decorations by the author. (New York : Macmillan Company, 1957)

Special Collections PZ8.3.F456 Po 1957 

Secret of the Andes.  Ann Nolan Clark ; with drawings by Jean Charlot. (New York : Viking Press, 1952)

Special Collections 

PZ27 .C5296 Se 1952

A boat for Peppe.  Leo Politi. (New York : Scribner 1950.) Special Collections PZ7.P753 BoM 1950 
Andy and the lion.   James Daugherty. (New York : The Viking Press 1938.) Special Collections Z8.2.D27 And 1938 
The mousewife.  by Rumer Godden ; with pictures by William Pène Du Bois. (New York : Viking Press 1951.) Special Collections PZ10.3.G545 Mo 1951 
The great Quillow  by James Thurber ; illustrated by Doris Lee. (New York : Harcourt, Brace and Co., 1944) Special Collections  PZ8.T45 Gre 1944 
Roller skates. by Ruth Sawyer and illustrated by Valenti Angelo. (New York : Viking Press 1936.) Special Collections PZ7.S269 Ro 1936 
The mission bell. By Leo Politi. (New York, Scribner 1953.) Special Collections PZ7.P753 Mis 1953 
Rufus M.  by Eleanor Estes ; illustrated by Louis Slobodkin. (New York : Harcourt, Brace and Co., 1943) Special Collections PZ7.E749 Ruf 1943 
Corduroy.  Story and pictures by Don Freeman. (New York : Viking Press, 1968) Special Collections PZ8.9.F85 Co 1968 
Millions of cats  by Wanda Gág. (New York : Coward-McCann Inc 1928) Special Collections PZ7.G1214 Mi 1928 
The country bunny and the little gold shoes : as told to Jenifer. by Du Bose Heyward ; pictures by Marjorie Flack. (Boston ; Houghton Mifflin Co ©1939.) Special Collections  PZ10.3.H51 Cou 1939 
Fly high, fly low. by Don Freeman. (New York : Viking Press, 1957) Special Collections PZ10.3.F874 Fl 1957 
Wind in my hand.By Fukuda, Hanako, With the editorial assistance of Mark Taylor. Haiku translations by Hanako Fukuda. Illustrated by Lydia Cooley.   (San Carlos, Calif., Golden Gate Junior Books [1970]) Special Collections PL797.2.Z5 F83 1970 

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